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Our Latest Abortion Pills

Protected: Antipreg kit

Antipreg kit is a combination kit of mifepristone & misoprostol, which is known to use for medical abortion.
For early abortion, up to 10 weeks of gestation, most women choose abortion pills for medical abortion as it is an easy and safe way. we provide the best abortion pills online at the best price with safe and fast express delivery.

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NuvaRing-Birth control tool

NuvaRing is a birth control tool that is flexible. It is a contraceptive ring that comes in a small size, the size may be of a silver dollar This ring is an effective birth control choice for females. NuvaRing prevents unplanned or unwanted pregnancy. You can buy Nuvaring online From our website mtpkitonline.com  and get heavy discounts on pills


These misoprostol pills are synthetic prostaglandin E1 that has been listed by the WHO as the safest and the most effective medicament to terminate pregnancy. These pills are termed to be safe and also have high efficacy rate. you can buy Misoprostol online From our website mtpkitonline.com  and get  heavy discount over pills Buy safe abortion pills online with debit …


Medical abortion means abortion with pills safely at homes  .Mifepristone is a viable and surely understood fetus removal pill that is utilized to end the pregnancy of less than 63 days. You can buy Mifepristone online  from our website and get discount on the products We sell genuine products that makes your abortion procedure easy .Medicines are highly approved by …


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We are a globally connected social website that supports the cause of pro-choice for all women at the international level. We feel a woman’s choice and her decisions for her body are more important than any religious sentiments. We respect women’s decision of not choosing drudgery, unlike any human being.


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To support this cause we have brought abortion pills online for all those women who believe in their decisions and wish to terminate pregnancy easily and safely. So now women can freely buy online abortion pill and birth control pills from Mtpkitonline.com.


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With Mtpkitonline.com website as your preferred pharmacy online, you can effortlessly get answers to all your queries. You could effortlessly order MTP Kit, Abortion Pills and Birth control pills with the help of your credit card.


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Buying abortion pills as well as Mifegest Kit or MTP kit has never been that effortless, how to buy mtp kit online with credit card? How to buy mtp kit online usa? are the basic queries ladies have in their minds. You can order cheap abortion pill kit online via phone at any time.


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It is important to follow instructions and then take the pills, after 2 weeks, one must visit a doctor for scan and confirmation of abortion. I purchased the MTP kit and took 1 pill of Mifepristone at 10 am, the next day at 8 am, I took Ibuprofen, and at 11 am I inserted 4 pills of Misoprostol in the vagina. I bled heavily for 2 hours, then slowly the bleeding decreased, but it continued for 10 days. Cramps and bleeding are part of abortion but confirming it from the doctor is important. You can order for MTP kit from mtpkitonline.com and get offers on purchasing from new payment gateways like Transferwise.


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I took abortion pills soon after missing my periods, so the process was very easy for me. I had very little cramping, just for 10 mins after the pills dissolved. For the first hour, I had heavy bleeding with lots of clots. and slowly the bleeding decreased. As each day passed, the bleeding was less for me. If you’re thinking about abortion, I would recommend taking the MTP kit! Everyone is different, each woman faces different pain and cramps. I would like to thank Mtpkitonline.com for the super fast delivery of the pills. Great work team, and thanks for helping me create an account on TRANSFERWISE. To all the ladies, choose the right pills for abortion, and good luck!


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I got my order a day back and I wasn’t home and it was safe in my mailbox. I am writing this review about my experience from Mtpkitonline.com, first of all, thanks a ton for so good facilities you provide to help women. I placed an order which was very easy no struggle at all, made a payment on the same day as soon as I received Transferwise details, then in 2 days I got my tracking number. I received the package within 3 days. This is a great job, Thanks again!