Unwanted Kit Strip Of 5 Tablets Description

Use mtp unwanted kit, prescription drug, is manufactured in various forms such as Tablet. It is typically used for the treatment of Abortion. Unwanted kit tab is used to terminate a pregnancy.It contains a composition of mifepristone as well as misoprostol. Mifepristone halts the action of progesterone which is the chief female hormone for

 maintaining the pregnancy. Misoprostol helps in the contraction of the uterus, which further helps in ending a pregnancy. The unwanted kit tab contains about one tablet of mifepristone and four misoprostol tablets. The dosage system consists of 1 tablet of Mifepristone, followed by Misoprostol after 1-3 days. If termination of pregnancy fails to occur after taking Misoprostol(1 tablet), then the second dose of Misoprostol (2 tablets) is recommended. However, surgery and intervention by a well-trained gynaecologist are recommended in case of an ectopic pregnancy abortion. It has a few side effects and contraindications, which should be noted before consuming this medication. So these two chemicals overall help in terminating a pregnancy without any medical intervention. This medicine is readily available at a chemist’s store, but it is strongly recommended to be taken only after consultation by a medically trained professional.

How Does It Work?

Its mode of action depends upon the two main ingredients, mifepristone and misoprostol. Mifepristone helps in the shedding of the endothelium lining of the uterus. Shedding of endothelium and preventing its hardening is an essential step in preventing pregnancy, and a hormone called progesterone (chief female hormone) is responsible for it. Thus mifepristone prevents the endothelium of the uterus from getting hardened and sheds it, therefore preventing females from getting pregnant. On the other hand, Misoprostol helps in the contraction of the uterus. This step further helps in the execution of the termination of pregnancy. As a result of these two processes, the remnants move out of the vagina through vaginal bleeding, and the pregnancy is terminated .Mtpkitonline.com


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