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Safe abort kit, Mifepristone tablet for oral use and misoprostol tablets for vaginal use .Safe Abort Kit indicated for early medical abortion up to 9 weeks (63days) of gestation You can buy  Safe abort kit From our website  and get  heavy discount over pills Buy safe abortion pills online with debit card and credit card from us . All the parcels are Fully Sanitized  . We care for you

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DOSAGE FORM OF Safe Abort kit

Safe abort kit, Mifepristone tablet for oral use, and misoprostol

tablets for vaginal Use

Safe Abort kit overnight delivery

SAFE ABORT KIT contains 1 tablet of mifepristone 200 mg to be given orally and 4 tablets of misoprostol 200 mcg to be given vaginally for the medical termination of pregnancy up to 9 weeks

Mifepristone has an-progestational activity As mifepristone inhibits the activity of progesterone it results in termination of pregnancy Mifepristone also exhibit ant glucocorticoid and weak and-androgenic activity

Misoprostol is a synthetic prostaglandin E1. Misoprostol causes the cervix to soften and the uterus to contract and also inhibits gastric acid secretion in humans


Safe Abort Kit indicated for early medical abortion up to 9 weeks (63days) of gestation


 Sale Abort Kit is indicated for the medical termination of intrauterine pregnancy up to 63 days of Gestation. For purposes of this treatment, pregnancy is dated from the first day. The last menstrual period in a presumed 28 days cycle with ovulation occurring at mid-cycle. The duration of pregnancy may be determined from menstrual history and by clinical examination. An ultrasonographical scan should be used if the duration of pregnancy is uncertain, or if ectopic pregnancy is suspected. Any intrauterine contraceptive device [IUD] should be removed before treatment with mifepristone and misoprostol begins. Pregnancy termination by surgery is recommended in cases when Safe Abort Kit fails to cause termination of intrauterine pregnancy

Mifepristone may be administered by or under the supervision of a gynecologist’. You are able to assess the gestational age of an embryo and to diagnose ectopic pregnancies. The gynecologists must also be able to provide surgical intervention in cases of incomplete abortion or severe bleeding. you have made plans to provide such care through others. To be able to assure the patient’s access to medical facilities equipped to provide blood transfusions and resuscitation, if necessary

Usage Kit

The dosage is mifepristone 200 mg orally followed 1-3 days later by misoprostol 800 mcg (4 tablets of 200 mcg)vaginally. The misoprostol may be administered by a physician or self-administered by women. For at 49-63 days of gestation, if abortion has not occurred hours after administration of misoprostol, a second dose of misoprostol 400 mcg (2 tablets of 200 mcg) may be administered vaginally or orally depending upon preference and amount of bleeding).


The patient should return for a follow-up visit approximately 14 days after the administration of mifepristone. This visit is very important to confirm by clinical examination or ultrasonographical scan. complete termination of pregnancy has occurred Patients who have an ongoing pregnancy at this visit have a risk of fetal malformation resulting from the treatment. Surgical termination is recommended to manage medical abortion treatment failures. Buy abortion pill Texas with express shipping.



Administration of mifepristone and misoprostol. The termination of pregnancy is contraindicated in patients with any one of the following conditions:

  1.  History of allergy or known hypersensitivity to mifepristone, misoprostol, or another prostaglandin
  2. Confirmed or suspected ectopic pregnancy or undiagnosed adnexal mass (the treatment procedure will not be effective to terminate an ectopic pregnancy)
  3.  IUD in place
  4. Chronic adrenal failure
  5. Hemorrhagic  disorders  or concurrent anticoagulant therapy
  6. Inherited porphyria
  7. If a patient  does not have adequate access to  medical  facilities equipped to provide emergency treatment of incomplete  abortion  blood transfusion and emergency  resuscitation during the period from the first visit and discharged by the administering.

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