All products available here are manufactured by GMP-certified manufacturers and are approved by the US FDA. Shipping Policy. Customers are required to confirm with the following policy before making use of this website and ordering from With our unique and customer-friendly cancellation and refund policy, our customers can easily rely on us for their requirements as they feel more secured and have no tension or inhibitions to order online on

No orders will be refunded or canceled, if the customer has opted for Express Shipping, as the product is immediately shipped and cannot be recalled.

Circumstances where the customer is viable for money back?

  • Damaged during delivery. If the shipped product is damaged during the delivery process, they buyer is liable to get complete money back of the invoice amount he paid. The customer can also opt to reorder a new product which will be shipped at no extra cost to the customer.
  • Missing delivery – In such cases where the product does not reach the customer for any reason, the customer would be liable for money back or reshipping at no extra cost.
  • Customer’s reasons are valid – if a customer gives a valid reason for getting their money back, she/ he will receive their entire in voice value. The customer will have to provide proper documentation detailing his reasons C for asking for their money back, as well as his order number over email.
  • Once the payment is done your order can neither be cancelled nor be refunded.
  • Tracking Number will be sent within 24 to 48 hours.
  • Do not make payment through eCheck since it takes additional 8 business days to clear & it takes a total of 25 business days to deliver the product, hence if you want us to ship your orders on priority then don’t make payment to PayPal through eCheck.

a) Next Day Delivery– Delivery time( 1 or 2 working days) –$150

b) Express shipping- Delivery time (3 to 5 Working Days)- $99

c)  Standard/Normal Shipping -Delivery time (7 to 12 days Working days)- $80

For high-security reasons, kindly do not write our website name or anything in the comment box while making transactions.

Once you make the payment, we would request you to provide a screenshot of the transaction, so that we may proceed with your order.

If you have any questions then kindly get in touch with us.

Thank you in advance and Have a pleasant day!

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In case you wish to inquire regarding further details of the cancellation policy(Shipping Policy), you can either communicate with our customer care executives through live chat or even write down a mail to us at