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I. Personal Information

  • We have SSL connected to our website which ensures that you can access the website safely without revealing your Personal Information, which includes your name, email address, physical address, telephone number etc. however, if you want to place an order from the website, you will be required to provide personal information mentioned above. In case you order any product from the website, the credit card details will be required at the checkout page, but this information will not be saved anywhere. This website is highly SECURED!
  • The user’s personal information will not be disclosed, unless we have a written consent from the user as per privacy policy.

Il. Confidentiality

  • ? The website does not use a direct gateway and has SSL encryption technology, which means that customer’s transaction details are confidential even to the admin members of the website.
  • No matter what security breach occurs, users can be assured that their sensitive information is under high-end encryption protection, therefore it is not disclosed and is encrypted.
  • The customer information provided on the website is only used to improve our customer service and to personalize user’s shopping experience, to reply to customer service request, to ask for reviews and ratings etc we do not use the information to SPAM our customers.
  • Customer’s request of abortion pills at and the usage of the website and delivery is under confidentiality agreement which prohibits the website from disclosing any private information of the customer to any third parties.