What are the privacy policies?

Our transactions with the customers are secured and private. Our online system uses the upgraded security encryption technology for zero data leaks. So rest assured that your details are confidential and properly protected.

Who are we and why choose us?

Mtpkitonline.com is a legit e-pharmacy which provides the best abortion tablets to customers worldwide. Women looking for genuine abortion pills can purchase at cost-friendly prices for conducting self-managed abortion. We also believe in providing best services and well written-implemented policies.

Is medical abortion a safe procedure?

Yes, absolutely the termination with medicines is safer than surgical abortion. There is one out of three women who are conducting abortion in her lifetime with 100% efficacy rate and safest experience.

What is the best duration of abortion pill consumption?

It is strictly recommended to women across the world, that abortion pill should be consumed only for a gestation duration which is 12 weeks or lesser. If the pregnancy exceeds 12 weeks then make sure that you do not conduct medical abortion. Also do not choose medical abortion for an ectopic pregnancy.

Does abortion has a negative impact on menstrual cycle?

After conducting medical abortion, women do experience their normal menstrual cycle after few weeks nearby their regular date/time. Medical abortion does not affect your monthly menstrual schedule. In case women consume birth control pills the schedule of menstruation does vary and shifts. Kindly speak to the healthcare professional in that case.

Which abortion pill works best for self-managed abortion?

Doctors highly recommend consumption of MTP Kit (Medical Termination of Pregnancy) including 1 pill of Mifepristone and 4 pills of Misoprostol.

Does your e-medical store offers any financial help?

No, our mtpkitonline.com store does not offer any financial help. But we provide our customer’s several offers, sales on products, discounts, and coupons to women who choose to purchase abortion pills from us. If you want to make a carrier with us, read the carrier page.